A photograph is an act of convergence:

the curious coming together of objects and forces —

inviting surprise, and rendering stillness.

Royal Offering

A single image is never just that. Rather, it can invoke a sense of space and time, provide a stylized commentary on Life, or on those questionable days — be the simple proof that we exist.

It can also show us our relative presence: how we observe and frame Reality; how we fit, and feel the world.


I learned to see through photographs.

This sense of seeing evolves — as Awareness

… and changes my relation to Life.

* * *


I like Trash. I didn’t realize how much I liked Trash till I found myself on a beach taking pictures of people’s remnants — their marks of Humanity. Whatever people cast off was picked up by wind/sea/bulldozer and found its way here. Often in a tangled heap, woven into a strand of kelp; at rest in unique configurations. It was beautiful. Unplanned.

Sometimes the “trash” was a deliberate marking. A tire track or “tag” — so perfect for this Long Beach City at the shore. And however it appeared, to me it was always art — always part of a larger conversation. And not simply the one about our wasteful materialism, or lack of regard for Nature and Property — sure, that was there, but that wasn’t the whole story.

So how else could we hold this experience of “trash”? See the way it connects us to a vast web of relationships. How it stands in proclamation of the living: a note that “someone was here,” mixed it up, and left this.

Product Placement

Disposable Tampon Applicator

When we see “trash” differently, what has shifted?

Only our Awareness

Only our Relation to What Is

Only Everything

This is how simple it is to take a bigger perspective.

If we can see trash differently, what else?

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