Spring 2015


Gender and Consciousness:

Exploring Gender – An Invitation to Awareness™

“Gender” is considered a primary aspect of identity through which we experience and locate our self, body, and relative place in the world: it structures, organizes, and arranges our life. It underscores how we make sense of, and treat, others. It is such a deep orienting principal that we seemingly cannot recognize or know someone without it. And yet, “Gender” is often so taken-for-granted as a given, that we rarely question and explore it.

That is, until we do.

Perhaps we have experienced changes: in our bodies, and relationships, in social rules or social roles. Maybe we just don’t match what’s expected or wanted (anymore) – the ways we look, act, or feel. Maybe we have aged, or outgrown old ways of thinking.

Perhaps we see inequity based on “Gender” – the social discrimination, the economic disparity, the continued violence against Women, and wonder how this is possible in 2015? What does “Gender” have to do with it? Knowing that human behavior is related to what, and how, we think – to the stories we tell, or are told about Life – how do our thoughts and stories of Gender matter? How are they changing? Are we ready?

We are at a crossroads of Gender & Consciousness – This is a very exciting time to be alive.

April 16 – May 21 (Thurs);  7 – 9 pm  (Women)
Long Beach, Ca.
Price: $320, Pre-Registration Required


Winter 2015


Reframe Your Life™

Out of the multitude of possible perceptions and meanings in every experience, how do you understand the situations in your life? What do you focus on and give attention to? In short, how do you hold and frame reality? In this class, you will be introduced to the idea of framing and re-framing — a social science concept that highlights the ways in which humans organize experience, and then act within/from/through those definitions and “framings.” I have adapted this classic sociology as a tool for bringing spiritual awareness to the thinking process; uncovering how we make choices about our attention and energy fosters compassion, and is a first step toward creating change. Through awareness and practice, you can begin to recognize and shift your Frame of Life

Summer 2014

Cultural Diversity — A Sociological Approach to Race, Class, and Gender

Professional SeriesLaw Enforcement Personnel (Los Angeles– Class Status: FULL)

In this introductory course, we will look at the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality — to begin to think differently about difference. Participants will be asked to bring mindful awareness to their taken-for-granted assumptions as they approach each topic, through readings and discussion. In particular, we will address issues of power, perception, interaction, and human agency in creating social change.



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