Linda Van Leuven, Ph.D.

Sociologist.  Artist.  Human.

Linda Van Leuven, Ph.D. (“LVL”) is a sociologist, writer, and teacher of Awareness.  She views sociology as a transformational science, and practices it as an art. A recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award at UCLA, her educational approach has been branded by students as “the LVL Experience.”

LVL takes an ethnographic approach to Life, and has developed a corresponding methodology for appreciating Life’s revealing.  Now in private practice, she brings Sociological Mindfulness to everyday subjects — teaching classes on Gender, Sexuality, and Self from a bigger perspective, from a sense of integration and wholeness.

She also embraces complexity in her studies of social life and interaction, and has written articles about personalized service work, workplace sexualization, negotiating relational boundaries, the shifting suburban metropolis, and death. Her work has appeared in scholarly collections and urban style magazines, and includes her B&W photography. She likes to combine unusual materials — genres, artifacts, and ideas — to reframe the boundaries of conception. LVL takes this same approach in editing, and is the Co-Editor of the journal, TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism. She lives in Long Beach, Ca., and shares the path with her Border Collie/Retriever mix, Maizie, and their cat, Maya Fuego.



“The only thing you have to offer another human being, ever, is your own state of being.”   — Ram Dass


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